Traditional Protocol for Healing and Doctoring

When we ask a medicine man/women to come help us. We are responsible to look after the medicine person we pay travel and all other cost like hotel and meals. When we ask for doctoring we offer tobacco and material offering to a medicine person so the communication process begins with super mysterious world. Your tobacco opens the door, material offering is for the spirits. Long time ago our people took care of their medicine people. Medicine man/women never had to worry about their personnel needs. Today, we need to make monetary offering to our medicine people so they can pay gas for travel, pay their vehicle monthly payments or house rental and pay other bills. So next time make a monetary offering when you go to sweatlodge, Sundance meeting and other ceremonies you’re attending. Monetary offering helps medicine people for the work they are doing. All ceremonies end with feast to celebrate and acknowledge spirits for their help. Even bringing food helps. Life is hard for all medicine peoplei.

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