Decolonize Healing Process

If First Nation communities are going to heal our people will need to return to traditional way of life. European assimilation process did lots of damage to our people and communities. Creator gave us our Anishinaabe spirit we need to return to original spiritual ways to heal. Our spirits are crying everyday craving for spiritual healing. ¬†When we first smelled sage, sweetgrass or hear a drum our spirit reacted. It can be scary for a person who don’t believe in traditional way of life. I was like that too. Many people think we can decide how we should believe in Creator but that’s not the case. Creator created our Anishinaabe spirituality through his creation the land, animals, earth and universe we were given the responsibility to take care of his creation today we neglect that responsibility. Our ancestors did for thousands of years before European contact they took care of everything even when they killed animal. Alcohol was used in fur trading thus Anishinaabe turned against each other fighting and killing each other over land and animals. It’s time we teach our grandchildren and great grandchildren to live in harmony the way Creator gave us in the beginning of life.

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